Promise of Increase and Favor

Promise of Increase and Favor

Scripture — 
“I will look on you with favor and make you fruitful and increase your numbers, and I will keep my covenant with you.”     Leviticus 26:9


This promise was preceded by God speaking to them about being careful to do all that He had commanded. There is always the promise of God’s blessing as we are obedient to His will. The question is, will we follow Him fully? God’s favor and promise of fruitfulness is available to us as we commit to living for Him with all our hearts.

What this looks like is found in seeking God’s will through prayer and seeking His Word and being careful to listen to His voice. Jesus said that when we seek Him first and seek after doing the right thing, that He will provide for us in every way.


This is a great promise for every pastor and every person who longs to make their life count for eternity. I hunger for God to bring about fruitfulness in my life. I know I need to be careful to follow Him fully. He’s working on me to be obedient each day and to carefully follow Him in all things. I want to receive God’s favor in helping me to be a loving husband, and wise and caring pastor to the people God has entrusted to me.


Thank you God for your faithfulness to your Word. I set my heart to follow you fully knowing that your favor is something I hunger for. Lord Jesus, fill me with your Holy Spirit that I may obey your will in all things. Thank You for the promise of fruitfulness and increase that comes from a life of serving You.  

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