Divine Direction is the Place of True Joy

Divine Direction is the Place of True Joy

Scripture —

‘You have made known to me the paths of life;
you will fill me with joy in your presence.’                               Acts 2: 28


Peter quotes King David from Psalm 16 as he is explaining to the people this great experience on the Day of Pentecost where they were all filled with the Holy Spirit. It is within the context of the Spirit-filled life that we can experience the very presence of Jesus and His joy. 

As we are filled with the Holy Spirit, we are empowered to hear His voice and discern His direction for our lives in everything. When he says that the Lord has made known to me the paths of life, he’s saying there’s a promise for every one of us that we can know the Lord’s plan and direction for our lives each day. 


As I discern His will for each day, there is a joy that I experience because I know I’m in the center of His will. This promise from Psalm 16 is worded in an earlier translation this way: In His presence there is fullness of joy.  

What He offers to me today is a fresh understanding of His constant presence that brings encouragement, affirmation and great joy. This response of obedience, going His way, and walking in the path He is directing me in, is the place of true joy. I sense His Spirit inviting me to an ever deepening experience of enjoying His presence and living in the confidence that He is with me and helping me in all of life’s challenges. 


Dear Father, thank you for the promise of the power of your Spirit in my life.  Lord Jesus, come fill me with your Holy Spirit that I may know You and your direction for my life.  Thank you for revealing to me your will for my life this day. Thank you for blessing me with an enduring joy that faces all of life with a lasting peace and deep confidence. Help me to hear your voice and to stay close to your heart. 

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